UPDATE: I'm no longer looking for a job. To all the incredibly kind folks who reached out or helped spread the word — thank you!! šŸ™

Reverse Job Posting: Cathy Deng

I'm currently a fellow at the BuzzFeed Open Lab, where I build prototypes at the intersection of journalism, technology, and the arts. Before that, I built civic technology at DataMade.

My fellowship ends in October 2017, so I'm searching for my next challenge. This is a reverse job posting: a solicitation for employment opportunities. Hire me!

In a nutshell: I can build technology, design information, and wrestle data. I'll keep this page short and sweet - please get in touch and I can share much more detail about my work and experiences.


I prefer doing over talking.

I'm good at translating high-level goals into actionable implementation details. I can build prototypes quickly and execute projects from start to finish.

I thrive in teams that are multi-disciplinary.

I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to cross-pollinate. Iā€™m pretty good at communicating between "techies" and "non-techies" (although I dislike that binary).

Iā€™m pragmatic.

I like to hunt for low-hanging fruit, and have an affinity for simple, lightweight solutions. I'm not particularly attracted to shiny bells and whistles, and I don't get distracted by challenges that are purely intellectual.

I relentlessly pursue clarity.

I love designing and clarifying complex information for a general audience.

I pick up new skills very quickly, and love to document/share knowledge with others.

My "hard" skills

I take more pride in my "fuzzy" skills above, since "hard" skills are much easier to acquire. Ironic! But anyways, here are a few technologies I'm most cozy with.

  • Python
  • Django, Flask
  • SQL
  • Git
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby


WHO a talented, kind, and diverse team

WHAT an admirable mission and/or business model

I'm looking to build technology that serves the public interest - directly or indirectly. I hold a broad definition of what this can look like, so I'm open-minded when it comes to sector/industry.

WHEN around fall 2017

WHERE flexible!

I'm open to any city where I can get by without a car. I'm currently in San Francisco, I adore Chicago, and I have roots on the east coast.

Wish list

This is my list of nice-to-haves (not must-haves)

  • opportunity to wear many hats - development/design/data/product
  • a healthy, stable business model
  • a product with a large user base
  • a culture of working in the open
  • salary transparency within an organization (and during the hiring process)

Get in touch!

Are you hiring? Do you want to see some examples of work? Do you know an organization I might be interested in?

Say hello: cathyd125 at gmail šŸ˜Š